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In the Jan/Feb 2014 issue of MIT Technology Review, there is a sentence in an article titled:

The Continuous Productivity of Aaron Levie – @ www.technologyreview.com/news/522081/the-continuous-productivity-of-aaron-levie/

that just blew me away. It was this sentence “Meanwhile, people born in 2014 will never use a desktop or laptop.” It was enough of a statement that I had to make a comment on their site and also post it on my blog here.

My eyes got kinda crossed at that sentence and my brain went on the fritz.

How can anyone make that kind of claim? Many people who work in offices around the world need a full size keyboard to be successfully productive.  Yes, you can type on a tablet or a smart phone – but how fast and for how long…???

If you are working on some kind of spreadsheet software or any other kind of document, as far as I know and as others have also indicated in other article/news programs/events, people will still need keyboards.

And I know, speaking for myself, I really do not want to hear dozens of people talking (all day) via dictation software on their computing device – at every turn. Yes, we do have to keep moving forward but at the cost of daily aggravation of listening (whether you want to or not) to people talk to their devices as input in place of keyboards… That is going to make people annoyed and possibly angry, depending on the content being dictated.

Now there is one tech that cannot seem to catch on and that is the optical keyboard generated onto a surface, from the device, for the users to type on. This would be a great substitute if developers ‘do’ manage to work out the kinks.  I would go for this in a heartbeat and do away with my laptops/notebooks.

Then too, there is the matter of a large display – no one I know wants to do their computer work on a 5″ or 7″ or 9″ or 10″ device, especially not all day. Many of us want to do work on a 17″ or a 22″ display.

And don’t forget the older citizens of the world – they need larger screen sizes to see the content easily, you cannot just enlarge the font size because then it makes tiny screens (5, 7, 9 or 10 inches) worthless to display content. Imagine 32 size fonts being displayed for folks with visual impairment problems (young or old).

There is a caveat for this too – as we move into the era of holographic or projected displays onto any surface, sure thing – you betcha, I’ll give up my laptops/notebooks, again, in a heartbeat.  As long as the projected/holographic displays are easily readable in most conditions.

For now, for the next decade – babies born in 2014 will still need laptops/desktops.  Unless they are born and have lenses surgically implanted into their eyes to allow them to magnify and see fonts as small as 2 in a 1″ or 2″ display… They’ll still need some kind of keyboard – physical or projected…

Does anyone truly believe that babies born this year will ‘not’ need a desktop/laptop/notebook…???