We are at a point in time where we must absolutely start to do more to find individuals and groups that are hell bent on forcing their views of how life should be led by violent means. We are at a point in time where we need to do two things:

  1. People must stand together and report malcontents with extremist views who intend to cause bodily harm (or death) or damage to structures
  2. Use technology to find and stop these wildly extremist zealots before they cause death

Yes, this second bullet may make some people nervous but if we now need to make larger and better concerted efforts to stop these kinds of violent people around the globe, we have to use technology to help us stop them. Individuals, being human and all, are too slow in connecting the dots without automated help. We need tech to assist us slower humans in collecting, collating and assessing data with “humans” making the final determination of what is happening.


We have to use tech but in manners that does not trample human rights and privacy. No one wants that, well, many of us do want that. Law enforcement (LE), intelligence agencies (national security) and intelligence groups (private/civilian entities) need all the help we can muster and offer up.

We, people of the world, must pass along information that can aid in the capture and prevention of murders. That information should be solid facts but could include some innuendo and rumor, as long as they do have some basis in fact and can “possibly” shed additional light on some upcoming event or dangerous individual.

And LE and intelligence entities should take that innuendo and rumor exactly as it is and build on it if it can assist in the apprehension of “the bad guy/gal.”


We have far too many militias and militant groups around the world. This is on top of the already infamously evil terrorist groups we have to deal with.

We cannot let terrorists and their hare brained attempts of having a global caliphate through any or all of the various extremist Islamic groups:

  • ISIS (or ISIL or IS)
  • Al-Qaeda (or Al-Qaida)
  • Abu Sayyaf
  • Jemaah Islamiah
  • Boko Haram
  • Etc., etc., etc

Lone wolves are bad enough without these groups.


But we must use technology and freedom loving citizens of the world must allow better use of technology. By better use of tech, I mean the use of tech without trampling all over human rights, civil rights, privacy – those damn National Security Letters were bad enough throughout the first 10 years of their use by the FBI and Homeland Security.

NSLs should not just nilly-willy grant carte blanche to any LE entity to mow down people who are innocent until proven guilty.


We have to carefully balance the use of tech in stopping catastrophes (such as the loss of one human life) against our freedom. But we must be united in what we do.

We have to use better collaboration as we data mine more data on innocent citizens of the world. We must have better pathways between intelligence entities and LE and get rid of so many silos that are still with us.


We should want LE to do a better job. We should want and demand transparency in LE activities as LE and intelligence entities hunt down ‘suspected’ criminals/terrorists. We must have a strategy, or strategies, in place to help us go about the business of LE – these strategies must be better than what we have in place now, for our country and when collaborating with other freedom loving societies of other countries.

This must be done above board without any discrimination or retribution because of some perceived slight. We have too many people looking through the prisms of rose colored glasses, those people who think their world is the right and better world. We have too many people who go after targets (criminals/deviants) because the pursuit fits their own confirmation bias or herd/group think mentality.

We must be clear and open about who we go after.


To continue being a free country or society, we must have laws in place that all must follow.

We must have fair laws in place and not something akin to “Sharia” because many intelligent and sane individuals would not want to live under draconian laws (i.e. no pork because someone else’s religion dictates that; no alcohol – same reason; women must be covered up – same reason; women are second class citizens – same reason; etc., etc….) What law (civil or religious) makes it okay to kidnap young girls and force them to become sex slaves or be forced into unwanted marriages???


To remain a free society, everyone must be treated equally.

To remain free, the people must help LE and I do not mean become a totalitarian state where everyone is reporting everyone for the smallest of reasons as was done in Russia not too long ago.

To remain a free society – LE must help the people, in an open manner and not shoot someone on sight, at the first provocation without using alternative means – and AFTER finding out what the true situation is (i.e. without having some dispatcher inaccurately relaying what was told to them).

To remain free, the people must become UNITED and help people and not attempt to suppress people by force or any other kinds of manipulation – we have gone down those routes far too many times over the centuries…

Lastly, we have to figure out a way to help: malcontents, the poor, the uneducated and easily manipulated individuals from becoming a target of extremists AND prevent these individuals from becoming converted to a life of radicalized fanaticism for some religion they do not completely understand.


One thing is completely clear; we must have cohesive, strong AND smart LE and intelligence entities that go about their business with OPEN eyes and minds. We must also have a society that wants a strong LE to help us help ourselves.

We must have clear communication between all parties and people – we have to talk TO each other as we progress together.