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If you would like to know about me, take a look at other papers on this site I’ve written on multiple topics – Intelligence (human & national security), virtualization, cyber security, IT, InfoSec, Leadership, Communication, Corporate culture, Workplace environment and more.

Areas that define me are: cognitive diversity, inclusiveness, collaboration, growth, innovation (which I’d like to do), success (for all), equality, open-minded, adaptability, problem solver and did I mention growth

I am looking for a transition into the Cloud and out of my senior role in: Information Security (InfoSec), Information Assurance, Risk Management and Policy. I really do desire to be in the Cloud/Virtualization working on Strategy, Architecture, Troubleshooting – so, please take a look at my online (detailed) cover letter / resume and supplemental info @ https://patrick642extra.wordpress.com

You will see this again at the link above, so this is a primer. I am looking to be the Bridge for the next place I move to. By that I mean, I will be a bridge (between all levels of individuals in the firm and the different areas of technology) by combining and using all of the multiple areas of my background: IT (see career in the other post), Cyber Security, Intelligence (national security & human), Strategy and Creativity/Innovation into the Cloud / Virtualization realm. It is the combination of my skillsets, as they are complementary in multiple areas that makes being a bridge possible.