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UPDATE 2 -Aug 17, 2018: Had to quash that last AWS Cloud Engineer role (after only 3 months). It was not what I, or any of the other folks on that contract were looking for. The company was very detrimental to my career growth… Immediately gained a ‘new‘ AWS Cloud Solution Architect/Engineer role, one that allows for (and pays for):

  • training,
  • conferences,
  • seminars,
  • mileage for using personal vehicle for multiple trips between client sites (the last company was abusing employees by making them pay for work related trips back & forth in their personal vehicles – wear/tear & fuel – trips that averaged 10 miles one way…)
  • as well as working remotely from home from time to time

UPDATE 1 – May 1, 2018: Finally, in late April, I resigned my senior InfoSec/Cyber security role at one intelligence agency to assume an AWS Cloud Developer role at another intel agency, starting in mid-May. I am hoping I can manage to combine my Intelligence Analyst/Officer and Cyber security background into that AWS role (or move on to somewhere else that will). After working on AWS professional level certification preparation for so long, now gearing up to sit for 1 – 2 of those AWS Pro certs in the next 30-45 days. And undertaking this task without AWS being my regular day job – that is no small task as I’m very sure many others out there can attest to…

If you would like to know about me, take a look at other papers on this site I’ve written on multiple topics – Intelligence (human & national security), virtualization, cyber security, IT, InfoSec, Leadership, Communication, Corporate culture, Workplace environment and more.

Areas that define me are: cognitive diversity, inclusiveness, collaboration, growth, innovation (which I’d like to do), success (for all), equality, open-minded, adaptability, problem solver and did I mention growth

I am looking for a transition into the Cloud and out of my senior role in: Information Security (InfoSec), Information Assurance, Risk Management and Policy. I really do desire to be in the Cloud/Virtualization working on Strategy, Architecture, Troubleshooting – so, please take a look at my online (detailed) cover letter / resume and supplemental info @ https://patrick642extra.wordpress.com

You will see this again at the link above, so this is a primer. I am looking to be the Bridge for the next place I move to. By that I mean, I will be a bridge (between all levels of individuals in the firm and the different areas of technology) by combining and using all of the multiple areas of my background: IT (see career in the other post), Cyber Security, Intelligence (national security & human), Strategy and Creativity/Innovation into the Cloud / Virtualization realm. It is the combination of my skillsets, as they are complementary in multiple areas that makes being a bridge possible.