Mobile Communication & Security and Cloud Security – Disruptive Future


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I promise, I will put up something on this. It is taking far longer than I had believed to dive deep into Virtualization / Cloud and Security than I expected.

Currently going through multiple VMware courses before going for the Professional certification for which I’ve had/have to undertake the following courses:

a) Cloud Fundamentals

b) Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals

c) vCloud Automation Center (which I believe they’ve rebranded as vRealize)

d) Network Virtualization Fundamentals – necessary for the NSX piece

e) Security Principles in Virtualized Data Centers

f) vCloud Networking and Security Fundamentals (this one is to become more conversant for cloud efforts)

all the above, before even taking the necessary class of:

g) NSX and finally attempting the Professional cert (VCP-NV) for virtualization and security…

Without actually working with VMware or Amazon Web Services, all of these were/are needed to become fluent in the Virtualization / Cloud world…



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