Ghosted by (company [or employee] name here)


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It now appears that I am now another victim of being ghosted by a company. I had intended to post this in another site of mine but decided to put it here for “higher” visibility. This has already been written about by other more accomplished writers than me. But, I am going further and listing the companies below…

This is a rather pathetic scenario where some companies (recruiters or actual company) simply leave potential job candidates dangling, hanging out to dry.

Unfortunately, there are also idiot potential employees doing the same bloody thing, who stop responding back to possible employers.

But for me, this is a personal and ethical peccadillo – where if I am one of two parties talking, I make it my business to respond. It does not matter if the answer would be ‘yes’ or ‘no’, I respond and I expect those dealing with me to respond as well. It is a matter of “Integrity”.

Companies, at least uphold your brand and reputation by responding with integrity. Let the employee know they do not meet all of the many (sometimes byzantine) requirements, rather than just ghosting them. Because, some folks will spread the word about your company, likely deterring other sterling candidates.

Employees, stop ghosting companies, you make it bad for others.

  • However – one caveat for all parties:
    • If the potential employee, recruiter or company rep is uncivil (unruly, hostile, vicious, brusque, discriminatory or a liar) – that becomes a different ball game. In those situations, spread the word so others will not have to deal with the uncivil party in the future.

Going forward, starting below, a list of companies ghosting folks – leaving out the individuals I talked to.

Company                              Location                Ghosted

1st company, blank for now city….., VA ——– week of month dd 2021 (awaiting more info on them)   

Leidos team                           International —– week of April 19, 2021 (turns out, the team who interviewed me, they had no intent of responding. It was only until after one of our regular Agency Division weekly Cloud meetings [yep, you got it, we work at the same agency, in the same division], where I reached back and only then discovered I lacked 2 Data Engineer skills. NOTE: in my current Cloud Architect PM role at that location, I sit 3 cubicles from the PM of that Leidos team)