Destroying Iranian / Russian Drones over Ukraine with Vampire drones


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Originally, I had wanted to engage DARPA with this paper because they have the best knowledge of who or what business/contractor to motivate to undertake something like this. But I am late to doing so since I began thinking of this back in August 2022. And of course, I am likely ‘not’ the first one to have considered this, let alone put it out there.

But, DARPA is hard for a civilian (contractor) to get in touch with — going through their is for media (which I did try and nada….) — the other channels are YouTube, Facebook, Linkedln, none of which I wanted to share this paper publicly.

Although now, since DARPA is not easy at all to reach, I’m putting this on Intelink (high side – you’ll know what it means if you have a clearance) and then one of my sites and/or on Medium and Linkedln.

I had hoped that I would be able to gain traction at DARPA and someone there could pass it along to someone with authority to consider this (if they or you have not already done so) and help EXPEDITE these endless drone attacks on civilians.

We (America and NATO allies) need to put together a ‘BETTER’ method of destroying Russian /Iranian drones — LESS EXPENSIVE methods as the blasted enemy drones enter Ukraine air space. Most of us know full well how crazy backwards it is to continue firing off hundreds to thousands of expensive (and NON-REUSABLE) missiles to knock out cheap Russian/Iranian drones.

Why not come at this from a different angle, dig into the database of brilliant people at DARPA, MIT, Cal Tech, Cal Poly, etc. I know I am not of that caliber, for example — my languages (Chinese, Russian & Arabic), linear algebra, multivariable calculus, differential equations, physics (calculus) and statistics are ALL highly rusty (currently refreshing my linear algebra to make a switch into Google Cloud Platform Data Engineering and Data Analysis).

I do not have access to cutting edge technology to develop better but cheaper drones to knock out hundreds of enemy drones killing THOUSANDS of civilians and destroying private/public property.

Why couldn’t one of the contractors, or DARPA itself come up with something highly effective but brilliantly cheaper AND reusable.

Take the following wish list for drone destroyers:

a) Build compact drones that are fast, VERY fast

  • Smaller than a Piper prop job but likely large enough where it
    could take one to two troopers in the field to launch

b) Slick, svelte and highly aerodynamically maneuverable in nearly ALL weather conditions

  • Able to fly “perfectly splendid” at most altitudes say from 200′ to 10 — 15,000′
  • Have enough protection to avoid being jammed or hijacked
  • ‘Maybe’ have some small amount of stealth material to aid in avoiding detection until the Destroyer or Vampire drone destroys its target(s)
  • This is in conjunction to being as whisper quiet as possible so that enemy combatants could not locate and target our Vampire drone doing its job
  • Be built with lightweight, reusable, polymers/plastics — something that is easy to build and assemble en masse or with portable 3D printers
  • Must haves
  • Day or night vision (optical, laser, thermal and star light) with extensive range
  •  programmable mini-computer to do the various functions listed below (but protected as mentioned above)
  • laser protection to prevent being blinded

Now, additional areas I had considered worthwhile:

  • Have this Destroyer/Vampire drone be able to use its computer with its database of possible targets, culled from Machine Learning and/or manual input. Not that difficult today to use some M2 SSD of high capacity to store Gigabytes of programming and data — and not that difficult to produce a database of what to target (using cloud computing — AWS or Google)
  • Of course, it means the destroyer drone must have a self-destruct capability…
  • Highly sensitive, long-range vision — last year, I bought a Pormido dash cam for my car and that great bloody thing is MUCH better, day or night, than the original reverse & side camera that came with the car (2013 Honda) and Pormido is 2022.
  • Use this faster (much faster, enabling it to overtake most enemy drones, even if the target has a head start) Vampire drone to maneuver close to the slower enemy drones and:
  • Have the Vampire emit a mini-EMP burst to destroy the combatant drone’s electrical system over a less populated area (if possible and sent up early enough -wipe out several combatant drones with a stronger, wider range of EMP emissions) or
  • Flat out confuse the combatant drone that it just nose dives or
  • Get the Vampire drone (I really should call this a Vampire UCA14 to attach itself to the back of the enemy drone and drive it into the ground (recall I said the Vampire drone should be very fast but also maybe somewhat more powerful engine in a small footprint) or
    • Even better — have the drone attach to the combatant drone to reprogram that combatant drone to return to base, nosedive and detonate
  • And of course, detach after the Vampire drone does its job and rapidly moves to another target

From my perspective, this is not really a difficult challenge for many or most of the contractors / businesses that work with DARPA in creating this kind of drone in a fast, vetted manner to confirm its durability, possibility and efficacy in a live fire scenario.

Put up a dummy drone similar to the specs of Iranian / Russian drones and craft a mockup of this ‘destroyer / vampire’ drone to test its speed, computing, vision and debilitating targeting capacities.

Simply put, SOMEONE has got to deal, inexpensively, with this unwanted Russian and Iranian (and likely Chinese) combat – killing thousands of civilians. We need someone or some entity to do MORE strategic and/or innovative foresight – thinking laterally and NOT just SERIALLY….