Dynamic Career Cover Letter of Patrick A


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My current aim is tomove outof IA (C & A or A & A) and into Virtualization (cloud) & SDN/NFV as that is the future for anything IT (or IoT). Technology, virtualization, is where I am meant to be… even if I do not have the 2, 5 or 10 years of cloud experience (I don’t know of many who do). “But!” I’ve proven I have the drive and inclination to make any team successful in ‘the Cloud.’

My Brand – Technologist & People Person with a GREAT attitude; Deep Cognitive Diversity and an AUTONOMIC Reflex to improve efforts with successful outcomes – a THINKER & DOER (because I like challenging issues)

— By Deep Cognitive Diversity, I mean: a very broad and somewhat comprehensive knowledge set of multiple areas: technology, intelligence, education, experience, etc. Basically, Cognitive Diversity, as I write in a separate paper, is a combination of everything that makes a person who they are – the broader and richer the background, the more that person can draw on to be successful in whatever they do.

In returning to more technical efforts, specifically into “virtualization,” I am looking at combining my background of:

  • Previous tech work: MSSP (SOC) for Routers & Firewalls; IT Level III PC & Tech Support; voice & data communications; mainframes with some Mobile Comms (BYOD) knowledge;
  • MBA Technology Management w/ focus on Strategy and Innovation & MS in IA – specifically relating to doing more strategic efforts
  • InfoSec & Cybersecurity plus
  • Intelligence Analyst efforts (strategy & tactical)

The following are “not” just buzz words or phrases; they all embody my passions and, for those who look will see this is what is gained from having me onboard.

What “I” bring and which sets me apart:

  • Mindset for “Success” for everyone (from junior members to executive staff)
  • Role model
  • Energy” and “Integrity
  • Learner, Adapter, Communicator
  • Problem solver & Trouble shooter
  • Ability to extrapolate (looking at the trees AND forest at the same time)
  • Collaboration
  • Seeing the weak spots as well as the strong points in various settings
  • Assist everyone respectfully, no matter their color, gender, religion, age or position
  • Able to easily work under pressure (I become very serious & focused when this happens – and it annoys folks that I do not joke around or take it ‘easy’ at this stage)

“I” am looking to become a key player, now – and later, a significant key player in multiple cloud/virtualization areas, including SDN/NFV (if possible).

In “moving out” of my senior role in InfoSec/Cybersecurity and oversight for C & A (A & A) – I have spent the past year investing a significant amount of time & money in the classes/courses and learning (current to oldest):

  • ISC2 CCSP (latest cloud cert) – (cert – late May)
  • AWS Cloud Solution Architect Assoc – (cert – June)
  • VMware (in-class)
    • NSX (lab & in-class) – (cert – June)
    • multiple basic courses (online)
  • AWS SysOps Admin (in-class)
  • Basic SDN/NFV courses
  • Currently signed up for more SPLUNK, SDN & NFV courses & refreshing CCNA knowledge

My Story

Experience & Leadership:

  • POINT PERSON providing InfoSec briefings to Ambassadors abroad (one Ambassador kept me for 1 ½ hours per his interest and engagement despite his Exec. Secretary asking me to cut 1 hour briefing to 20 min)
  • DIRECTED 24 x 7 watch floor all-source Intelligence Analysts (contractors & military (enlisted/officer)) on global intelligence and cyber security threats.
  • MANAGER of 4 nationwide teams at same time: Computer & Network Security; Comm network (voice & data), PC & Network Support and Help Desk
  • Ability to translate tech-speak for executive leadership and vice versa
  • PROJECT MANAGER role in multiple firms and federal entities
  • Provide briefings up to senior executives and 2 & 3 star officers
  • Languages: Learned to read, write and speak 4 languages
  • Knowledge: Cohort leader in both grad degree programs AND learner of new tech (i.e. Virtualization and Mobile Communication) – as well as writings on multiple topics such as:
  • — Risk & Risk Management: Ideas, Thoughts & Perspectives for new CEOs, Presidents, EVPs, CIOs, CTOs, CSOs & Managers
  • — Intelligence: for YOU, for Business Intelligence or for National Security;
  • — Data Breaches; Mobile Communication & Devices and Cybersecurity; & more

Use & understanding of:

  • Intelligence (both, human & national security) and the need for critical AND creative thinking
  • Strategy and looking at micro / macro(holistic) issues(s) of the moment and also upcoming efforts of tomorrow
  • Creativity to improve processes
  • Working in high pressure/time sensitive environments (from SOCs to CYBERCOMMAND)

{Disclaimer: Only looking for this new role, in the D.C. area.  No more 70 – 80 mile round trip commuting as I did to Ft. Meade AND ‘no relocation’ to any city.}


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